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These? These are, definetely, not fairy tales.

These might be stupid stories, where you may or may not find gnomes, bad and good warlocks, all-mighty dragons, mischievous goblins, elves full of wisdom and beauty, fierceful trolls and giants to defeat, good-hearted knights, and of course, loads of enchantments, incantations and magic... but let me be honest with you and confess that I still don't know if there'll be a happy ending at all. Will you take the journey with me and find out?

I'm TC -or Tanouk-, a nineteen-year-old walking contradiction.
I study Medicine, suffer from insomnia and have a problem with magic-related stuff. I talk a bunch of idioms, but don't be afraid if I write something in any other language, because I probably change it to english any time. I like to cook, martial arts, write, draw and paint, and I read since I was a three/four years old toddler, you'll guess that I have a hell of a lot of books on my list.
I have a very dark sense of humour, and I'm actually a total creeper, so don't get really surprised if I change my usually sugar-coated speech into an absolute serial killer's discourse
Here you'll find absolutely random ramblings about the things I'm currently obsessing about. Anyway, I'll try to keep it clean, so you won't have to bear my usuals rants and whinings about real life.
I'm always happy and eager to meet new people with the same interests, so if you're not afraid of people who drink tea with March Hares, travel way too offen to Neverland, are paranoid enough to think they'll get shot while they're asleep, and might look as a cute-y lady little thing but still manage to kill with a teaspoon, feel free to add me to your 'Circle', and I'll probably do the same.
If you have any questions or suggestions, just tell me, I don't bite... hard.
But, enough talking about me. I want to know about you.
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